The best Oculus Quest 2 games

In this article you can discover a number of what we consider to be the best Oculus Quest 2 games you'll get at this time for the Facebook-owned virtual reality headset, now called the Meta Quest 2

There's now a lot of VR games to play, because of the experience of gaming in virtual truth turning into an ever-growing area of interest pursuit. As such if in case you have a Quest 2 headset then these are the sport to try. If now not and your pastime in VR has been piqued, then check out our where to buy Oculus Quest 2 information, as we feel it's one of the best VR headsets you'll be able to get at this time. 

With that in mind, we now have pulled together the best Oculus Quest games that can be purchased and check out at this time.

What are the best Oculus Quest 2 games?

Picking out the best Oculus Quest 2 games relies closely on the type of games you need to play. And take into accout that may exchange a good bit if you have all the motion strapped right up towards your face; horror game lovers may not to find soar scares really easy to deal with then they are happening reasonably literally tight in front of you eyes. 

However, there are many games that may take advantage of a VR setup, so you will not be left in need of. And if you like shoot 'em ups, as an example, Population:One puts a unique spin on the combat royale concept through letting you scale and battle from other surfaces. Fight fanatics may also recognize the physics of SuperHot VR.

However, Half-Life: Alyx is arguably one in all the best VR stories and games around, so while you might want to buy it through Steam, you're not really to feel sorry about the acquire. 

For much less combat-filled games, check out Beat Saber, which takes Guitar Hero and transports it to a digital world. VR additionally permits you to enjoy leisure activities from the convenience of your own home, with VR takes on golfing (Topgolf), fishing (Real VR Fishing) or even ping-pong (Eleven Table Tennis) amongst the best of the best on the Oculus Quest 2.

Alternatively, take a look at information editor Imad Khan's select for the 7 games you should play first on the Oculus Quest 2

The best Oculus Quest 2 games you'll purchase

1. Half-Life: Alyx

If ever there was once a game you sought after to make use of to sing their own praises what studies digital fact can in reality supply, then half-Life: Alyx is the game you'll want to move to. While it's not Half-Life 3, it is a recreation built by way of Valve in particular for VR headsets, despite the fact that the gaming giant didn't truly be expecting to sell an enormous amout of copies. 

While it may be niche, it is also a stellar instance of the way excellent VR gaming may also be when time and construction experience is delivered to endure. Over on our sibling website PC Gamer, Christopher Livingston praised Half-Life: Alyx for its attention to detail, interplay, tale telling, environment and extra. 

And whilst it isn't strictly a Quest 2 game, as it is not on the Oculus store, via the use of the PC link cable to connect the Quest 2 to a gaming PC you can revel in one among the best VR games ever made. 

Buy on Steam 

2. Population:One

Despite its flamboyant style, Oculus’s unique VR Battle Royale recreation Population:One is too leading edge to be disregarded as a easy Fortnite clone. You and two teammates will probably be dropped into a antagonistic surroundings to scavenge for weapons and provides with a view to be the remaining crew standing. There's a wide variety of weapons to use and constructions to build. However, Population:One's exclusive vertical combat device is the true superstar of the show.

Every floor you spot is climbable. This makes for intense firefights as teams scramble for the prime flooring merit. From the next place, you can use a wingsuit to fly into battles or temporarily traverse the map. The entire system is a unique addition that breathes new lifestyles into the battle royale style. 

It’s impressive to look a recreation of this scale and design run so easily on the Quest 2’s cell chip. On best of tight controls, immersive environments and a amusing gameplay loop, developer BigBox VR is constantly rolling out reside occasions to stay the sport feeling contemporary.

Buy at Oculus for £22.99

3. SuperHot VR

If you have ever imagined what it will have to be like to be a polygonal hitman traversing a sequence of stark environments, then SuperHot VR might be best for you. The recreation takes SuperHot's core mechanic of time handiest really shifting while you transfer, and brings it into the virtual fact global. So while you physically duck a bullet that projectile will shift from creeping ahead to pickling up pace. 

SuperHot is beautiful cool in most cases, but it surely feels, paradoxically, turbocharged in VR. Suddenly, you might be in the midst of slow-motion action that feels surpassingly frenetic. You have to actually imagine where you might be in a space and think several steps forward to keep away from a one-shot demise. 

It's also lovely amusing; hurling a guide and even your individual gun at an advancing enemy and watching them shatter is a heady mixture of Jason Bourne, John Wick and Austin Powers. Just be aware it might get very enticing. And in the event you shouldn't have a lot of house round you, chances are you'll discover a proper hook geared toward an enemy finally ends up pummelling a wall in the real international! 

4. Beat Saber

If you threw Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and only a sprinkle of Star Wars into a blender you'll get Beat Saber. In this game, you match the colour of your saber to slash colour corresponding blocks at the correct angle. 

In addition to an expanding velocity, there are hazards akin to bombs and partitions that you just must physically dodge. The result's a full-body workout with a pulse-thumping EDM soundtrack. It’s an entrancing experience that would only succeed in digital fact.

An intensive single-player profession mode will problem you for hours with increasingly more particular requirements needed to beat the campaign. Free play allows you to select any music to jam out to with togglable modifiers to enhance or problem you. 

A beginner player might activate an advantage multiplier helper, while a sadis — I mean skilled ups the problem by proscribing their sport to a single mistake before failure. Recently, Beat Saber added a multiplayer update so you can compete face to face in opposition to friends to see who the maximum skillful swordsman is inside of your friend workforce. 

Buy at Oculus for £22.99

5. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is the Quest’s first AAA single participant sport. This herculean effort combines a lengthy marketing campaign, enjoyable physics and realistic environments for an immersive horror enjoy. You’ll sneak, shoot and scavenge your means through a zombie-filled New Orleans with each and every major selection you make leading to similarly hefty penalties.

An complicated crafting gadget allows you to construct makeshift tools with a believable weight and scale. Just like real life, you’ll have to properly grip these guns which are vulnerable to breaking with extended use. Between degrading weapons and a restrictive stamina system, it's a must to decide on the best path to complete objectives. Stealthy approaches might make issues tougher as a venture performs out. On the different hand, rolling as much as encounters weapons blazing frequently leaves you weaponless against a hoard of the undead. 

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners strikes a balance of immersion and leisure desperately lacking from the Quest retailer right now. Next to the PC unique Half Life: Alyx, that is the best AAA VR campaign around.

6. The Climb

Sometimes you need a damage from the digital violence. That’s the place Crytek’s VR recreation The Climb is available in. The developer that gave us Far Cry and Crysis created a stellar free-climbing simulator that trades in the pews of firearms for audible "oh wows" from its players. Realistically rendered environments courtesy of CRYENGINE give you the thrill of placing off cliffs from the Alps to the American Southwest. 

All of the recreation’s courses provide a steep problem and require the use of proper gripping tactics. There are a couple of paths round each ascent for you to discover with other views of vistas and valleys as a praise. Successfully finishing a climb lets you rank up and purchase new tools. Failed runs are awarded fear-inducing plunges instead. 

The Climb is a breathtaking revel in each visually and bodily. If you’re in search of a bodily difficult get away from the dreariness of the real global, chalk your fingers up and snatch on tight to The Climb. 

Buy at Oculus for £22.99

7. Onward

More in keeping with Rainbow Six: Siege than Call of Duty, Onward’s no-respawn 5v5 aggressive gameplay calls for strategic making plans and intensive communique between teammates for a successful operation. Your hit depend is limited and reloading requires you to bodily chamber rounds for an eerily lifelike military experience. Without being held back via wires, Onward shines on the Quest 2 more than on every other VR headset. 

This sense of freedom received from cutting the wire allows you to dive into duvet and crouch in Onward’s dozen respectable maps without concern. To keep the sport from feeling stale, there are legions of community-made maps. Each environment is chock full of element and provides quite a lot of places to take quilt all over intense firefights. Under hearth, your imaginative and prescient narrows to simulate wrestle tension. While that is moderately immersive, interacting with your whole equipment is truly subsequent level.

Each of the greater than Forty weapons in Onward require their clips to be emptied and rounds to be chambered for reloading. This manner it’ll take you time to load and chamber clips into sidearms or each person bullet into weapons like shotguns and revolvers. Your inventory equipment regardless of loadout includes a well being injection syringe on your waist, radio on your left shoulder and pill on your again. These equipment let you revive downed teammates and contact distant teammates too far to use proximity chat.

Buy at Oculus for £18.99

8. Topgolf with Pro Putt

Topgolf got its get started as Pro Putt, the best mini golfing VR game to be had. With various classes, accurately weighted golf equipment and sensible ball trajectory, this revel in used to be second only to exact striking greens. A recent replace added a Topgolf driving bay venue with multiple golf equipment from irons to drivers, the talent to observe YouTube movies on surrounding partitions and multiplayer toughen for up to seven buddies. 

From the major menu, you have get entry to to a ten,000 sq. foot follow inexperienced, a striking occupation mode and multiplayer. Multiplayer modes like Cornhole and Pitch Pong are paying homage to the arcade games integrated in the Tiger Woods games of the early aughts. Achievements, a ranking device and leaderboards give Topgolf never-ending replay value. 

Fun on my own or with your friends that is the best golfing enjoy available on Quest.


9. Until You Fall 

Mix the difficult wrestle of Dark Souls with a rogue-like, and you’ll get Until You Fall. With a delightful gameplay loop, neon aesthetic and a banging synthwave soundtrack this is the VR recreation we had no idea we needed. Equipped with dual-wielding guns (sword, mace or knife) you’ll strike dodge and counter enemies to best them in combat. 

Sadly a majority of your time will be spent falling in battle. Each time you die will give you new perception and upgrades. Ranging from maximum health to wreck buffs, those upgrades can flip the tides of struggle in your desire. Akin to enjoying one last round in the Civilization collection, each successful run makes it difficult to place the recreation down.

Difficult boss fights will unquestionably drive you mad. Coming higher prepared to a fight with improved equipment and prevailing on the other hand is pure ecstasy. If you're keen on the sweet torture of Soulsborne games, you’ll be taking part in Until you Fall.

Buy on Oculus for £18.99

10. Real VR Fishing

On the other finish of the pressure spectrum is Real VR Fishing, a great way to wind down from the hell this is Until You Fall. Surprisingly this simple fishing recreation is one of the best-looking Quest games thanks to the photorealistic environments and fish models. You can relax on the water catching fish while looking at YouTube videos thanks to a floating browser for natural zen.

Inviting pals to explore and fish with you makes the experience even better. Each player can customise their avatar, apparatus and problem stage that makes the revel in fun for anglers and non-anglers alike. From tropical coasts to city bays, dynamic weather and events stay you immersed.

Each fish you seize may also be accumulated in your customizable aquarium. This collection and achievements give this recreation a pleasing sense of development.

Buy on Oculus for £14.99

11. Skyrim VR

Even although it’s coming up to its 10-year anniversary, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim could be very a lot a recreation you should check out in digital fact. You’ll need to connect the Oculus Quest 2 to a gaming PC or computer, albeit now not a vastly tough one given the game’s age. And it’s no longer beautifully optimized for state of the art VR use. However, Skyrim VR basically allows you to step into a virtual nation with a fantasy and Nordic flavor. 

While Skyrim is to be had on all manner of platforms, VR is arguably considered one of the more recent and more attention-grabbing ways to enjoy the stellar open-world recreation. It additionally mixes up the playstyle of the recreation, with ‘realistic’ controls letting you slash away at draugrs and dragons via in fact swinging your arm. And even with dated graphics by 2021 standards, there are still moments where Skyrim's artwork style and lights that present you with some gorgeous vistas; absolute best escapism from the rigours of real existence. There may be mod improve through the Steam Workshop, which provides yet some other arrow into Skyrim's brimming quiver. 

Buy on Steam

12. Resident Evil Four VR

A highlight in the zombie-centric sequence, Resident Evil 4 is not playable on the Oculus Quest 2; in reality, it's arguably the best reason to buy an Oculus Quest 2

While it's may not blow you away on the visuals front, simply playing the recreation in virtual reality offers some extent of immersion that's difficult to get any place else. And with movement controls and monitoring, Resident Evil 4 VR gives a fresher method to play the sport, and works unusually smartly for a game that is been tailored to fit VR reasonably than built for it. So if you wish to have a recent solution to play Resident Evil 4, look no additional than its Oculus Quest 2 version. 

Buy on Oculus for $39 

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