VPN server locations – which VPNs have the most and what you need to know

Just about every service on our best VPN guide boasts about how many servers it has and, on most sensible of that, what number of VPN server locations it has. What can be tricky, regardless that, is figuring out why this number options so prominently of their marketing – and what it actually means to you.

At its most elementary degree, having get entry to to extra VPN servers means you'll have more choice in which server you connect to. In turn, you're more likely to find a fast, strong connection. Like such a lot of things in existence, even though, it’s not slightly that straightforward...

Server quantity vs server locations

Right out the gate, if you're not hugely excited by the science in the back of it, you can skip down to our most sensible picks for VPN server providers via following this link.

When making your choice, considered one of the most necessary issues to concentrate to is the number of VPN server locations a supplier offers. This is just as important as the sheer selection of servers – if a supplier has a slightly slim network, connecting to or from extra ‘atypical’ locations could lead to a serious drop in connection pace. 

This is continuously the case with smaller, extra Europe- and US-focused VPNs, with customers in Asia having to attach to servers several nations away.

A steadiness does need to be discovered, though. Providers with an enormous quantity of locations and only a few servers in each (HideMyAss: 1,000+ servers in 190+ international locations) can finally end up acting poorly when put next to VPNs with a narrower network with quite a few servers in every location (Surfshark: 3,200+ servers in 65+ international locations). In that comparability, HMA proves to be a poor choice as a streaming VPN, while Surfshark is one of the easiest – not to mention one in all the most cost-effective.

What you really want is a good collection of well-populated locations. This will have to be certain no unmarried server turns into overloaded with users or is detected by streaming suppliers ahead of any other can take its place.

VPN servers for P2P and streaming

As you might have guessed, for those the usage of their service as a streaming or torrenting VPN, server number and location is going to be vital. For customers who simply want to keep secure all over common surfing it won’t be the sort of huge selling point, but if you need to spoof your location, a large community might be very helpful.

Streaming sites serve other libraries to other countries, and other folks on vacation and work journeys (or those who simply want to explore the international’s content) can nearly relocate themselves to get admission to other displays. That could be because you can’t get right of entry to your favourite series when on a trip to Italy, or you would possibly simply want to see what Brits can watch that you can’t. Either method, a much broader VPN network typically way extra streaming choices.

For torrenters, some VPNs don’t make stronger P2P on every server. Here, you’ve were given two possible choices. For ease of use, you could go with a VPN that allows torrenting on any server like ExpressVPN, or otherwise you can select a service like NordVPN that has a selection of devoted P2P servers which might be searchable in the app. Either approach, you’ll have quite a lot of VPN server choices for torrenting.

How we’ve selected the highest VPN server suppliers

The following 5 services supply what we think are the best possible combinations of VPN server locations along sheer energy in numbers. Ranking first is ExpressVPN which, whilst it doesn’t have the absolute maximum selection of servers, has the widest network on the list with enough servers to populate them.

And, if we’re truthful, after about 3,000 or so servers there’s little true build up in efficiency, and the high quality of the provider is more down to efficient server upkeep and very good apps – either one of which ExpressVPN has stored on top of for years, now.

However, if you need to glance via the VPN server titans on the market today, simply scroll down. You’ll read what we love about those behemoths, and why they may well be an excellent fit for you.

The absolute best VPN server providers

1. ExpressVPN

The best vary of server locations plus very good usability


Server quantity: 3,000+

Server locations: 160 locations in ninety four international locations

Streaming services unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux

Simultaneous gadgets: 5

Reasons to purchase

+Wide community with lots of servers+Polished person experience+Great for unblocking content+Excellent live-chat make stronger

Reasons to keep away from

-Only Five simultaneous connections

If you're looking for a super-reliable VPN server community unfold all over the place the world, ExpressVPN must be your first choice. Whether you're in Boston, Birmingham or Beijing you'll have a bank of fast servers nearby, and no matter the place you are you'll be ready to get secure and browse on a handy guide a rough, secure connection.

ExpressVPN's huge server network isn't the most effective reason it tops this list, even though. For those who are having a look to circulate or torrent it is the perfect instrument, and no matter what you're doing you'll be coated by way of its stringent and audited privacy policy.

While it works straight out the box, Express also offers users some in reality useful in-depth equipment, together with the option to transfer protocols, activate a kill transfer and activate split tunneling. Also, you'll be secure via Perfect Forward Secrecy which uses a new key each time you go browsing and each hour thereafter.

But, truly, ExpessVPN's usability is thank you to its intensive community of well-maintained and protected servers all over the international – now not handiest will you be able to get an ideal connection in any location, but you can also browse freely in the knowledge that your information is being saved safe.

If we had any complaint about ExpressVPN, it would be that the limit of 5 simultaneous connections is not the most generous, however that isn't a huge limitation (and many different providers be offering the same). 

Overall, if you need access to the very best VPN server community on the market, your only option is ExpressVPN.

2. Cyberghost

Great service with a large VPN server network


Server number: 6,400+

Server locations: 111 locations in 90 international locations

Streaming services unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux

Simultaneous gadgets: 7

Reasons to purchase

+Huge quantity of servers+Great for torrenting and streaming+Mega 45-day guarantee

Reasons to steer clear of

-Experience is moderately unpolished

CyberGhost has earned its second-place spot thank you to its actually large collection of VPN servers. Almost no other provider comes close to its 6,400+ servers, and with that comes an inherent reliability and selection.

The provider could also be an excellent choice for many who love streaming and torrenting, as the apps have built-in filters that may lend a hand users select the highest servers for P2P or, for instance, US Netflix. This is something we might love to see in different VPNs as effectively.

However, whilst CyberGhost does have two times as many servers, it doesn't duvet as many countries as ExpressVPN (despite the fact that still loads when put next to some other provider), and that is why it is striking second and not first.

Also, in our checking out we discovered no tangible improvement in performance from having this kind of large network, indicating that when a supplier has enough to totally duvet the globe, increasing its server quantity yields hastily diminishing returns.

That's now not to say CyberGhost isn't a excellent choice although, and for the ones searching for a slightly affordable, easy-to-use VPN for streaming and torrenting that has servers in just about every country you may want, it is a great choice.

Sign up now on the CyberGhost website

3. NordVPN

Tons of servers and great reliability


Server number: 5,200+

Server locations: 59 international locations

Streaming products and services unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux

Simultaneous gadgets: 6

Reasons to buy

+Security-focused revel in+Excellent speeds+Great for streaming

Reasons to avoid

-Mobile apps may also be awkward

Security massive NordVPN is some other VPN supplier that provides an enormous collection of servers, despite the fact that its community is significantly narrower than both ExpressVPN and CyberGhost. In observe that hasn't been an issue for us, however for the ones in farther-flung locations it's going to be price checking if you'll have a good server within sight.

Nord makes up for this with a very security-focused consumer experience, and while that server hack in 2019 does depart a foul style, the provider has been independently audited twice to regain the believe of its users and prove that it is as protected because it claims.

For the ones on the lookout for an invaluable streaming VPN it is usually a perfect selection, as it could actually unblock just about every service around – from Netflix to BBC iPlayer and Hulu. And, if that is not sufficient, it is also got dedicated P2P servers for the ones taking a look to torrent.

NordVPN is not at all let down via its number of locations (59), however it cannot fairly hit the heady heights of ExpressVPN and CyberGhost when it comes to server spread. However, it is still one among the perfect services and products on the marketplace today, and we highly recommend it.

Sign up now on NordVPN's website

4. Private Internet Access

The most servers out of any supplier


Server quantity: 28,900+

Server locations: 76 nations

Streaming services unblocked: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux

Simultaneous units: 10

Reasons to purchase

+Almost 30,000 servers!+Great value+10 simultaneous connections+Full WireGuard reinforce

Reasons to steer clear of

-Not quite as polished as others

Private Internet Access (PIA) is part of the outdated guard, and has been working for a decade since 2010. Until September 2020 it only boasted around 2,000 servers in Forty seven nations, however seemingly out of nowhere the provider has introduced its 'subsequent gen' server network, boosting that to a up to now unheard-of 28,000+. Granted, over 14,000 of the ones are in the US (in 14 different towns), however as considered one of the largest markets for VPNs, we will be able to see why.

Ideal for torrenters, every server is P2P-ready, and sturdy encryption will stay you safe while you're connected, too. An fascinating feature is 'PIACTL', which is a command line interface users can use to regulate PIA thru scripts. While certainly not for the newbie, this allows deep regulate of the app that just about no other business VPN provides.

PIA's ten simultaneous connections is generous, and making an allowance for the cut price value that can be had on its longer contracts, it offers superb price for cash. While it can not fit the leaders in the box, for people that desire a configurable VPN with the absolute maximum choice of servers, PIA is a smart selection.

Sign up now on PIA's website

5. Hotspot Shield

Tons of servers and improbable speeds


Server quantity: 3,200+

Server locations: 80+ countries

Streaming services and products unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Hulu

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux

Simultaneous devices: 5

Reasons to purchase

+Excellent connection speeds+Useful loose model+Unblocks Netflix

Reasons to avoid

-Some logging concerns-Limited loose server selection

Hotspot Shield is a highly regarded VPN, and it's not onerous to see why. Its huge VPN server community and the blazing speeds enabled by way of its Catapult Hydra protocol mean that its an excessively usable option for the ones in search of coverage without any slow-down.

Its Catapult protocol allows the VPN to succeed in improbable connection speeds however, as explored in our fast VPN rundown, to see any discernible impact you'll need an ultra-fast internet connection to fit.

While its VPN server community is huge and reliable, it's not additional up this listing due to its questionable logging coverage – whilst it is most definitely tremendous for those simply looking to circulate in a foreign country Netflix, customers in search of ultimate safety would possibly need to examine the policy deeper, or pick a provider that boasts an audited no-logging policy like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

However, Hotspot Shield continues to be an excellent service that does its task rather well, plus it also provides a restricted free VPN that can give you a style ahead of you sign up with real money.

Sign up now on Hotspot Shield's website

VPN server locations FAQ

Which provider has the most VPN servers?

Out of any VPN carrier, Private Internet Access has the most VPN servers, with over 19,000. However, this is an interesting case in point, as we wouldn't counsel it as our most sensible pick out.

Instead, we might suggest both ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Both have a ways fewer servers than PIA – 3,000+ and 5,000+ respectively – however in apply that's more than sufficient, and we might suggest you make your decision on other factors like connection speed, streaming strengthen, overall privacy and safety, and basic usability.

Why does the quantity of VPN servers topic?

The collection of VPN servers a supplier has can have a huge impact on how the service works total. 

Having a large number of servers manner that each one will have fewer customers, ensuring higher speeds, and the wider the number of IP addresses, the much more likely it's that you'll be able to watch Netflix effectively.

Also, the collection of VPN server locations turns out to be useful, too. With extra locations, regardless of where you are in the international, you'll be able to connect to a better server, making sure higher speeds. 

However, you'll need a satisfied medium – just a few servers spread over tons of locations will lead to poor speeds, and 1000's of servers in only a few nations will likely be proscribing with regards to content material available.

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