15 essential Messages tips every iPhone owner should know

The ability to ship messages has been baked into the iPhone because it introduced in 2007, however there are nonetheless some essential Messages tips every iPhone owner should know. 

Over the years, increasingly more features have been added to the Messages app, including an instant messaging carrier referred to as iMessage in 2011. Features such as location sharing and message effects had been added in 2020, meanwhile, as part of iOS 15.

But are you taking advantage of those features, and do you even know that a few of them exist? We've rounded up 15 essential Messages tips every iPhone owner should know. By the time you've got labored your way through all of them, you should be one thing of knowledgeable. Just remember that anything else which wishes iMessage calls for a recipient who also owns an Apple software, such as the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro.

View and arrange attachments 

Messages can be utilized to send photos and movies. These are saved on your iPhone, but when you send and obtain numerous attachments, you can need a very easy approach to view and organize them.

Fortunately, there is a approach to try this. First, tap a conversation thread then faucet the touch image on the top of the display. Scroll down and you'll be able to see a class referred to as Photos. If you faucet "See All," you can view every symbol and video shared in the thread. There is also a particular tab for screenshots.

Those images can also be stored for your Camera Roll or deleted. Just faucet "Select" within the top-right corner and tap on any photograph or video you need to regulate. Then either tap "Save" or "Delete" at the backside of the display. If you faucet and hold on a picture, you also have choices to Copy and Share.

With iOS 15, additionally it is possible to use Spotlight to find footage that anyone has sent to you in Messages. Pull down on an iPhone home display to show the hunt engine and kind the touch's identify.

Delete your messages

Deleting a unmarried dialog is straightforward, and it is most probably that you've got executed this time and again. You handiest wish to swipe left over a conversation in the primary list of threads, tap the trashcan icon and faucet "Delete" to substantiate. 

But what if you wish to delete a couple of dialog at the identical time? To do this, you want to faucet "Edit" within the top-left corner of the display screen, make a choice "Select Messages" from the top-down menu, faucet the circles next to every conversation you wish to have to take away and tap "Delete" at the backside.

Single messages will also be deleted too, however the method is much less glaring. Tap and hold at the message you want to remove and faucet "More" from the menu which seems. A circle filled with a blue tick will be placed to the left of the message and you then have two options: you'll be able to tap the trashcan to delete the message or faucet the circles of different undesirable messages within the thread to remove multiple messages before tapping delete.

If your main reason why for eliminating messages is as a result of they are outdated, then tell the app to take away them when a suite time frame has elapsed. Go to the Settings app and faucet "Messages". Then make a choice "Keep Messages" and change "Forever" to "30 days" or "1 Year." 

Mute a dialog

Fed up of receiving alerts for positive conversations however nonetheless wish to see notifications showing for other chats? It's possible to cover indicators for a specific conversation, which means that you won't see messages from that thread appear in your Lock Screen or be told that a message has arrived. 

To disguise alerts, swipe left over the dialog you wish to mute and tap the signals button, which looks as if a bell with a line via it. When you do that, an signals button icon will appear to the suitable of the dialog. To unmute, swipe left once more and faucet the bell over again.

If you'd like to forestall all message notifications from showing, cross to the Settings app and faucet "Notifications." Look down the record of apps and faucet "Messages". You can toggle the transfer next to "Allow Notifications." You too can determine if time-sensitive notifications should at all times be delivered right away and how you desire to notifications to be announced. 

Share your location

If you wish to have anyone to know the place you're, you'll be able to proportion your whereabouts via Messages. Open the Messages app and both faucet a dialog or get started a new one. Tap the person's image on the height of the display screen and choose "Info." 

Next, scroll down the display and faucet "Share My Location." You could have choices to percentage your location for one hour, till the end of the day or indefinitely. A link to Apple Maps might be despatched on your touch, and a pin will show the place you're recently positioned. 

Send animated results

If you're sending a message to some other Apple software, it's going to be accomplished so using iMessage quite than SMS or MMS. This also means that you can send and receive message results — fun animations that can in brief fill the display with confetti, balloons, fireworks, explosions, or even a laser light show. 

Some of those can also be typed at once into the text-entry field in Messages. For example, type pew pew, congratulations, happy new 12 months, satisfied Chinese new year, or happy birthday then faucet the upward facing blue arrow to ship.

You too can make a selection an impact to accompany any message. After typing one, tap and hang the blue send button. You will see two tabs: Bubble and Screen. Bubble provides four effects that animate the blue message bubble. For example, the message bubble can slam into place, appear with a energetic shake or gently come into sight. Make your selection in the top-right corner then tap the up arrow to send. To send a secret message, tap Invisible Ink. The message shall be blurred till the recipient taps on it.

The Screen tab contains choices that animate all the display screen. Simply tap the Screen tab and swipe left and right to preview the effects then faucet the up arrow to ship. All results are despatched with a replay button underneath them. Tapping this allows the recipient to benefit from the animation over and over. 

Use iMessage apps

Get into the addiction of using iMessage apps and, as well as applying stickers, you can additionally explore many third-party services. Messages already supplies a host of apps in the drawer below the textual content entry field if you find yourself composing a message. These come with Photos, Music, Apple Pay, Digital Touch, Memoji and Memoji stickers. If you swipe left or appropriate over the app drawer, you can come to a decision which of those you need to make use of.

One choice is the iMessage App Store. Tap this icon and you'll to find so much extra apps that can be used inside Messages. It works just like the common App Store: after you to find something you favor, tap "get" and tap "Install." Maybe make a selection Giphy if you wish to send GIFs, or Spotify when you have an account with this song streaming service and want to share songs with a friend. You will also play video games, making this a section crying out to be explored. 

Send a handwritten message

Standard written messages that seem in bubbles are all smartly and just right, however you could wish to lend a extra personalized effect to a conversation. Sending a handwritten message is one way to do this.

First, you need to rotate your iPhone into the landscape position. If you are struggling, you may have Rotation Lock turned on: to switch it off, cross to the Control Center via swiping down from the top-right corner or, on models with a Home button, swiping up from the bottom edge, and tapping the Rotation Lock icon.

Now, assuming your iPhone is in the proper orientation, tap the text-entry field in Messages and make a selection the scribble button situated at the keyboard. Use your finger to write down a message or draw. Then tap "Done" and faucet the upward arrow to ship it.

Any message you ship is saved on the bottom of the display. To remove one of these messages, tap and hang it till it wobbles, then tap "X."

Check when a message used to be despatched

The Messages app will show you the time and date of the primary message sent and received in a conversation thread every day. If you despatched the remaining message in a thread and the other individual has read it, then this too will show either a time, day or date.

But what about the entirety in between? If numerous messages are flying from side to side, then you may wish to uncover when other messages were sent and received. Open a dialog thread and gently pull appropriate to left. The times can be obviously displayed. 

Turn off learn receipts

Read receipts can provide you with peace of mind, figuring out that a message has been seen by way of the recipient. At the similar time, it can result in anxiousness if the person you've gotten contacted does not reply, or in the event you've but to respond to a message you may have learn. It's a mental minefield.

If you can rather other people didn't know while you've learn their Messages, you can turn off learn receipts. It's conceivable to try this for everybody or a make a choice few. For everyone, pass to the Settings app and faucet "Messages". Scroll down and tap "Send Read Receipts." Now toggle the transfer into the off place

For specific contacts, open a conversation in Messages and tap their profile symbol. Next, turn off "Send Read Receipts." In all circumstances, a sender will know a message has been delivered, but no longer that you've learn it. 

Markup pictures sooner than sending them

Most of the time, an image is ok as it is; it doesn't need any modification and you'll simply ship it to a friend. But if you want to annotate sure parts of the image or add a cartoon, you can accomplish that from inside the Messages app. Just open a dialog thread or compose a brand new message. Then tap the Photos button and select a picture.

Once the photograph has been placed within the message thread, you can faucet the picture. This will provide you with two options. You can tap Edit and make adjustments to its exposure, contrast, brightness and extra. Or you'll tap "Markup," which will give you a suite of drawing equipment. There's a pen, highlighter, pencil and eraser, together with a button that lets you choose other colors. Tap "+" and you can add an outline, textual content, a signature, shapes and arrows. There are undo and redo buttons, too.

After making your markups, faucet "Save." Then faucet "Done" and faucet the upward arrow to ship. 

Quickly undo typing

Made a mistake in a textual content message? No wish to succeed in for the delete button at the keyboard — you can quickly delete a phrase or sentence if you shake your iPhone. As you achieve this, you can be requested to faucet "Undo" to confirm. If you then change your thoughts, give the iPhone a shake again and the textual content will also be replaced via tapping "Redo" if you find yourself precipitated. But what if it isn't operating? Launch the Settings app and faucet Accessibility. Then make a selection "Touch" and ensure "Shake to Undo" is toggled on.

You too can delete particular person words by tapping and preserving on them and choosing "Select" from the pop-up menu. Use the handles to spotlight more words or faucet and make a choice "Select All" if you wish to reduce the entire textual content (there may be an method to replica highlighted textual content, too). 

What's extra, if you wish to move the cursor to a specific a part of the textual content, dangle down on the space bar. This turns the keyboard space into a touchpad and allows you to place the cursor anywhere you need.

Copy or forward a message

If you might have won or composed a message that you'd love to ahead to somebody else or copy, you simply wish to faucet and momentarily hang down on the message

In the menu that appears, you can tap "Copy." It's then a question of tapping and keeping wherever you wish to have the message to be copied and deciding on paste.

To forward, you wish to have to faucet "More." When you faucet the arrow button within the backside correct nook, a new message window seems. Enter a recipient and tap the upward arrow to ship it. 

Save data via sending compressed photographs

If you are in an area with deficient Wi-Fi or if your data plan isn't probably the most beneficiant, it's possible you'll want to make certain that any pictures you ship via the iMessage carrier are compressed. This will flip any Live Photos into standard images of a decrease dimension and convert HEIC files to JPG. The data savings will also be huge, with maximum decrease quality pictures rolling in at about 100KB. That's correct, kilobytes.

The drawback is that the photographs won't look nice, but it is sure going to save on storage space. If you need to move down this path, open the Settings app and tap "Messages." Scroll appropriate right down to the ground of the choices and toggle the "Low-Quality Image Mode" transfer to the on position.  

Name a dialog team

Messages permits you to have iMessage team conversations, and it is a good idea to present them an easily identifiable name. If you're the usage of iOS 15, open a gaggle chat and faucet the group icons on the top of the thread. Now tap "Change Name and Photo" and input a name. For the image, you'll either select a photo you have already taken or snap a brand new one the use of the camera. You too can make a selection a Memoji or emoji. Tap "Done" when you're completed. 

Hide content that is shared with you

Within iOS 15 there is a characteristic referred to as Shared With You which allows others to make use of Messages to percentage content material from the Apple TV, News, Photos, Music, Podcasts and Safari apps. When you obtain a message, main points of the content are placed inside of a section of those apps.

But what if you don't want that to occur? You can turn off Shared With You. To do that, open the Settings app. Tap "Messages" and make a choice "Shared With You." You can toggle "Automatic Sharing" to the off place or do the similar for person apps akin to Music and News.

On the flip facet, if any person shares content material that you do like, pin it. Tap and dangle the content in Messages and tap Pin. The content material will seem on the top of the Shared With You section within the related content material app. 

Now that you're an expert at the iPhone's Messages app, take a look at some essential tips and tricks in your iPhone. You might also find our information on how to add your COVID-19 vaccination card to Apple Wallet in iOS 15.1 useful, as well as how to set up an Apple ID recovery key to make your iPhone extra safe.

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