Expanse season 6 seems like the end — but could it continue?

This Friday will mark the respectable end of The Expanse season 6, with the sixth episode of the ultimate season hitting Amazon Prime Video. The finale seems to be finishing off the ‘Free Navy’ arc, a tale that’s been in movement since the end of season 4.

The thing is, I’m not totally convinced that that is the end of The Expanse (one among the best Amazon Prime Video shows). The display has already survived cancellation as soon as, after Syfy unceremoniously scrapped the display at the end of its 3rd season, and I've a suspicion that something similar is going to happen now.

That’s not just a few wishful considering from me either. Showrunner Naren Shankar informed EW that there's nonetheless room for more Expanse stories to learn. Which is sensible. After all, The Expanse book series is 9 books (and 8 novellas) lengthy, while the TV series solely seems to be going as far as book 6: Babylon’s Ashes.

And that has been mirrored in season 6, with the display appearing as even though it intends to continue way past Friday’s finale. The show has even started laying the groundwork for adaptations of the ultimate 3 novels. There were teases and clues in past seasons, but season 6 has taken it to the extreme.

Anyone who hasn’t already learn the Expanse books will likely be at a loss for words about the side-plot featuring Cara, the young woman dwelling on the planet Laconia. Her story bears no relevance to the rest of the display, and the Free Navy threat, finally.

Without spoiling anything, Cara does turn out to be crucial afterward, and those snippets of her life on Laconia are absolutely a very powerful to that. In other phrases, The Expanse is already putting in long run tales, even supposing the collection itself is coming to an end.

Which is why I suspect that this is not actually the end. 

The Expanse has been beautiful good at adapting its supply subject material. It’s not been completely devoted, for one reason why or some other, but normally the show has performed a just right task of condensing the first six books (and relevant novellas) and adapting them for the small display screen.

Without spoiling what’s more likely to come in the finale, it makes a bit of sense that The Expanse, in its current shape, would end right here. Babylon’s Ashes ended in any such way that the display can end there, offering forged conclusions to the ongoing plot with out leaving any vital cliffhangers.

That being mentioned, there are nonetheless three books to conform, and the ones books duvet the mysteries of The Expanse universe in a lot better element. Mysteries that the shows have only touched upon, like the mysterious beings that are living inside the ring gates, and are only visual to James Holden.

And, of course, Laconia performs a huge position in the ultimate 3 books. So huge that I will be able to’t actually move into much detail without revealing any imaginable spoilers. Needless to mention, Cara’s tale is essential — despite the fact that it does solely seem to be a confusing addition to the present arc.

What form would Expanse 2.0 (or Expanse season 7? take?

The only query is, what would more Expanse glance like? The most logical possibility would be to leap in and increase the stories as seasons seven to 9. It would make Amazon glance a little silly for stating season six can be the last, but it’s not as though lovers might be that outraged. And it way we could (hopefully) keep the same solid lovers know and love round for a few more years — in the event that they’re keen.

Alternatively, there’s at all times room for spin-offs. Amazon has already proven it’s not against this plan of action, since The Boys already has two different spin-offs in development. No doubt some adjustments would have to be made, and new characters introduced to switch the outgoing Rocinante staff. However, it would imply being able to finish the complete saga, of a sort, and offer an actual conclusion the approach The Expanse’s creators envisioned.

Then once more, who says it would should be a TV sequence? I wouldn’t thoughts with the ability to see an Expanse film, and space action normally appears to be like lovely fantastic on the giant display. Heck, I’d settle for a streaming-only movie as an alternative. After all, if Amazon can debut a would-be blockbuster like The Tomorrow War, it could go all in and greenlight an Expanse film (or motion pictures).

Plus, while Amazon has picked up a host of theatrical releases that have been suffering from the pandemic, there aren’t an excellent many “made-for Prime” motion pictures out there. Certainly now not in the similar league as Netflix. Expanse movies wouldn’t be one of these terrible way to reinvigorate that push.

Bottom Line

If Season 6 really is the end for The Expanse, it wouldn’t be the worst option to move. The conclusion of Babylon’s Ashes was once a turning point for the sequence, and events spread in such a method that the display can (and expectantly will) be offering a lovely conclusion to all the major plot threads. So we’re no longer going to end up in a Deadwood scenario, with a cliffhanger ending that must be resolved in a TV movie. 

But The Expanse has been a success with each audiences and critics alike, with seasons 3, Four and Five still rocking a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It would no longer be a huge wonder if we got extra tales from the universe in the future in the long run. After all, if a display with this kind of maligned finale as Dexter can come again for extra, then anything is conceivable.

Plus, as book readers will already know, a multi-year gap between season 6 and no matter lies ahead could work in the display’s want. No subject what occurs, the door will at all times be open. We simply want somebody keen to move through it.

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