iPhone SE 3: The 6 most important features rumored for Apple's phone

The iPhone SE 3 is widely anticipated to be Apple's subsequent phone unlock, as Apple appears to be like to freshen up the most cost-effective iPhone you can purchase with some new features that are noticeably absent from the current model.

With the present iPhone SE just a few months shy of its 2nd birthday, it should seem like a fairly short hole between updates, especially since Apple went four years between the launch of the authentic iPhone SE and the 2020 version. But trust us — it makes sense for Apple to push out an replace quicker relatively than later if the cheap iPhone is to maintain its appeal.

Apple watchers be expecting an Apple tournament in March or April where the iPhone SE 3 could make its debut. When it does seem, be expecting these features to be on the new iPhone's spec sheet.

1. 5G connectivity

Frankly, this is the likely reason we are getting an iPhone SE replace now. When the iPhone SE 2020 arrived, 5G networks were around for slightly a 12 months, with speeds only a little bit quicker than LTE in most circumstances. The resulting two years have observed 5G unexpectedly spread across the nation. T-Mobile's nationwide community now reaches 308 million other people, and 200 million of that general have get admission to to the carrier's quickest Ultra Capacity 5G speeds. By the time of the iPhone SE 3's rumored release, AT&T and Verizon can have thrown the switch on their 5G growth in keeping with C-Band spectrum, delivering quicker speeds to extra of their consumers.

In Apple's present lineup, the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11 are the handiest telephones to lack 5G improve. Those additionally occur to be the two least-expensive telephones Apple has on be offering. At the similar time, Android phone makers have been adding 5G connectivity to gadgets that value $500 and no more. Our list of the best 5G phones includes several low-cost fashions.

Apple has come to embody having a low-cost option amongst its smartphones, as it expands the corporate's appeal beyond top rate smartphones. (It additionally is helping with Apple's out of the country industry in international locations the place people aren't willing to pay top dollar for an iPhone 13 Pro Max.) For the iPhone SE to remain an exquisite choice for discount hunters, the phone must work with 5G.

2. A15 Bionic chip

Apple follows a sexy recognizable playbook with its iPhone SE releases — take the chipset that powered final fall's flagship iPhones and insert it into the cheap fashion you introduce the following spring. That's why the original iPhone SE ran on the identical A9 system-on-chip present in the iPhone 6s and why the iPhone SE 2020 used the iPhone 11's A13 Bionic chipset.

Should Apple persist with that same trend with the iPhone SE 3, we are looking at the A15 Bionic chip that debuted with the iPhone 13 family closing fall. That's great news if you're in the marketplace for a new iPhone but don't want to pay $699 or more for considered one of the iPhone 13 variations. The A15 Bionic remains the absolute best acting mobile silicon that we've examined. Any phone powered by way of an A15 will have to keep tempo with the pageant for several years — despite the fact that the phone powered by way of that chip is a budget style like the iPhone SE.

3. Night Shift strengthen

It turns out not likely that Apple will ramp up the number of lenses from the unmarried digicam that is been a mainstay of the iPhone SE. It does have to distinguish between that phone and the iPhone 13 mini a way, in the end. But there are photographic features that Apple may upload without having to decide for a second lens.

The greatest thing missing from the current iPhone SE is beef up for Night Shift. Presumably, the iPhone SE can have enough horsepower below the hood to improve the computational photography had to give a boost to low-light pictures. Google's Pixel 5a has an evening mode, which helps position this low-cost instrument among the best camera phones, so the iPhone SE 3 will wish to stay tempo.

4. A better battery

As much we recognize the present iPhone SE, one house wherein Apple's phone does now not deliver comes to battery existence. When we tested the iPhone two years ago, the iPhone SE last a little more than Nine hours, which is under moderate for a smartphone.

There's handiest such a lot Apple can do with battery existence, given the rumors suggesting the design of the iPhone SE isn't changing for the new version. (More on that in a bit.) However, ultimate fall's iPhone 13 free up does give us hope that Apple's figured out some way to spice up battery life for its telephones. After each iPhone 12 model save for the iPhone 12 Pro Max took a step backward with battery life, Apple reinforced longevity for each of the related iPhone Thirteen fashions, with a pair even landing on our list of the best phone battery life.

True, the primary means Apple did this used to be by opting for larger batteries for the iPhone 13, which won't necessarily be an choice available to the iPhone SE 3. Still, we hope Apple's learned something about energy control that may permit any new telephones to last more on a price.

5. Face ID for the iPhone SE

Every phone Apple sells except for the current iPhone SE supports Apple's face liberate characteristic. It's rumored that this may increasingly alternate for the iPhone SE 3, even supposing Apple maintains the phone's current design. (And from what we now have heard, it's going to.) The concept is that the upcoming phone will nonetheless be able so as to add the essentially sensors to improve the characteristic whilst also keeping up the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that occupies the backside bezel. That may make the iPhone SE 3 the most effective current iPhone you'll be able to unlock with your mask still on.

6. A brand new identify for the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE 2020 is formally simply the iPhone SE — that "2020" part is thrown in there simply not to confuse it with the unique fashion. Now that there's a third iPhone SE in the works, though, Apple may be motivated to get a hold of a extra distinct identify — and not just by sticking a "3" after the "iPhone SE" section.

At least one rumor suggests the new device will debut as the iPhone SE Plus — a probably confusing name, given that apple in most cases makes use of the Plus moniker to tell apart units with smaller screens. It's also imaginable that Apple may name its new phone the iPhone SE 5G as some way of calling out the most important thing about this particular fashion.

What we are not getting: A new iPhone SE design

When rumors of an iPhone SE 3 first surfaced, many assumed Apple would take the opportunity to replace the phone's appear and feel from the iPhone 8-inspired design it these days uses. But that is it sounds as if now not taking place — the latest rumors counsel Apple is conserving that 2017 glance right right down to the 4.7-inch display screen surrounded by sizable bezels on the best and bottom of the display.

In one sense, you'll perceive the place Apple is coming from. Adopting a notched design, even supposing it meant a larger screen, would make it arduous to tell apart the iPhone SE 3 from other telephones in its lineup — mainly the iPhone Eleven or iPhone 13 mini, depending on the measurement of the show the corporate wound up the use of. Keeping the current design helps to keep the iPhone SE become independent from the remainder of the lineup. That it additionally most likely stay costs down is one more reason to stick with the present form factor.

Still, that does not make the iPhone SE's most likely look feel any much less dated. And it would had been nice to bring in a brand new design with a brand new phone.

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