Triobike Mono electric bike review

Triobike Mono: Specs

Size: 7.6 ft lengthy
Weight: Ninety five pounds
Motor: Brose Drive S, 250 Watts, 90Nm torque
Battery: 36V, 501Wh
Max speed: 15mph
Range: Not advertised
Transmission: Shimano Nexus 5-speed

Triobike’s Mono e-cargo bike looks as if a Star Trek daydream: The entrance pill’s rounded front feels harking back to a boat zipping throughout the space-time continuum, and the pod within may just simply sufficient release into another realm with the best creativeness sitting inside. In other words, the Mono is very easy for children to love. 

That counts for a lot as families attempt to transition clear of automobile rides when it’s time to take the children somewhere. If it’s a laugh for the youngsters (and there’s enough space left over for football equipment or groceries), you'll be able to guess the parents will roll out the shipment bike much more ceaselessly. But, as I found throughout this Triobike Mono review, it’s a difficult bike to control, with unpredictable steering that has a tendency to wander and greenback whilst cornering. The Mono has a large number of neat features that unfortunately do not make up for directing difficulties.

Triobike Mono review: Price and availability

The base type Triobike Mono prices $7,899, but my test fashion got here with a couple of equipment  just like the seat and facet pillows package ($419), and the hood ($399), which bumped the associated fee as much as $8,717. 

You can improve to a Gates Belt Drive device over the Shimano Nexus system I tested, which bumps the bottom worth as much as $8,600.

You can configure your Mono by way of the Triobike website ( Once configured, the web page will level you to an area broker that may complete the purchase. There are a large number of sellers all through the United States; I got my take a look at model from Freedom Folding Bikes in Boulder, Colorado. 

Triobike Mono review: Design

The Triobike Mono’s handlebars attach to a protracted tube that attaches at once to the cargo box. When you turn the handlebar, you’re turning the shipment field and entrance wheels as smartly. 

Each entrance wheel will get a devoted guidance strut. These hydraulic struts lengthen or collapse depending on which course you turn the handlebars. These will have to lend a hand stabilize the entrance finish when turning.

The step-through design lets you get settled on the seat earlier than you start pedaling. Each brake also features a ‘parking brake.’ Turn the dial to activate the brakes and cling them there. This is perfect especially whilst you’re parking the bike on a sloped floor.

An built-in rear wheel lock helps resolve a large drawback with all shipment motorcycles: easy methods to protected it while you’re not riding it. I’d nonetheless prefer to have this locked to a submit or bike rack, but the rear wheel lock indisputably provides a much-needed layer of robbery protection.

The Mono Mid Drive includes a 250-watt Brose Drive S motor with 90Nm max torque. It’s a lovely quiet motor, and the display unit on the handlebars is simple to use. It’s brilliant and simple to learn too.

All told, Triobike says the Mono is the lightest three-wheeled cargo bike in the marketplace at 95 pounds.

Like maximum of its competition, the Triobike Mono options integrated lighting front and rear that turn on routinely whilst you flip on the motor.

Triobike Mono review: Cargo capacity

The cargo box is constructed as one piece and is filled with polyurethane foam for extra safety. It has a integrated drain as neatly. The box measures Seventy two centimeters, or just over 28 inches, across. Triobike says the cargo field has a 220-liter (Fifty eight gallon) capacity, and can hold as much as 310 kilos. 

Triobike Mono review: Performance

Riding the Triobike Mono is a thrill for youngsters. It could be a much less enthusiastic revel in for adults. 

The Brose Drive S motor lends sufficient energy to get the bike going to about 12 or 13 miles in line with hour rather easily, however after that, you’re left for your own power. It doesn’t kick in in an instant when you’re ranging from a dead prevent both, so it’s easy to search out your self in an ungainly position as you try to get the heft of the bike shifting below your individual power.

When you steer the handlebars, you’re in fact turning all of the cargo field. That approach weight shifts as you steer. At speeds over 12 or 13 mph, the guidance felt far too unpredictable and hard to keep an eye on. In reality, the steerage turned into the principle distraction for me when I used to be checking out this bike. Once it’s going, I discovered it a long way too easy to get the bike up on two wheels with the slightest of steerage enter whilst the shipment bay used to be simplest frivolously loaded.

At decrease speeds the Triobike Mono feels extra solid, but it nonetheless takes a pretty steep learning curve to get used to controlling the bike. I discovered myself steerage off the bike trail even at low speeds until I in reality were given the cling of the Mono’s drastic actions.

The Brose handlebar unit is easy to use and many intuitive. The motor operates very quietly. And the bike itself is somewhat at ease to take a seat on and pedal. It’s adjustable easily enough too, which comes in handy must multiple riders finally end up the usage of the bike incessantly and wish to alter it to quite a lot of heights.

The Brose motor will provide you with sufficient torque to conquer maximum hills, although it starts to whine pretty loudly on the steepest sections. Most moderate hills I rode presented little drawback for the Mono.

Triobike Mono review: Battery life

The mono features a 36V, 501Wh battery. On my first ride, I rode the Mono for over an hour on the easiest help surroundings and I knocked the battery existence down one bar. In different words, there was once plenty left within the tank. 

It’s price noting, however, that Triobike includes a second battery mount simply beneath the children’ seat throughout the shipment box. If you’ll be spending a large number of time on the bike daily, it can be worth stashing that 2d battery (which is sold separately). 

Triobike Mono review: Accessories

The Triobike website means that you can configure your bike, and there are plenty of equipment to choose between. My test bike came with the Triobike Mono Hood, which costs $399. 

The hood seems like a no-brainer for any individual who intends to tote their kids round. It’s water-proof, fire-tested, and 100% UV solid, in step with Triobike. It also options a lot of zippers so you'll be able to get admission to contents within from more than a few locations.

My check bike also incorporated a seat and side pillows ($419), which makes for a secure, comfy pod for youngsters.

An extra battery will price an added $939 and an additional charger runs $129. Other accessories, like kickstands, locks, or even a GPS tracker are priced at the website online. It’s very easy to turn your Mono into a car that prices over $10,000.

Triobike Mono review: The competition

The Mono fits into a fairly large e-bike phase. There’s a number of festival, despite the fact that lots of the Mono’s direct competitors don’t glance a whole lot love it does. The unique shipment field units it aside, however typically, it accomplishes the same factor as its competitors: move stuff, and other folks. 

The Mono is going up against motorcycles like Yuba’s SuperCargo CL (starting at $6,000), Urban Arrow’s Family e-cargo bike (beginning at $6,000), and Riese and Müller’s Load 60 (starting at $8,800). It includes a three-wheel design like the Bunch Coupe

So it suits usually into the variability of anticipated value for one of these bike, regardless that it’s on the upper end of that vary. The question is, must it be? It’s closest in price to the Riese and Müller Load 60, which options front and rear suspension, a Shimano XT/FSA combine drivetrain, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

The Riese and Müller’s motor and battery spec also beats the Triobike Mono. The Bosch Cargo Line motor has 85Nm torque and a 36V, 500Wh battery (and there are 2 batteries included on the base style, while you should acquire a 2d battery from Triobike separately).

Given the contest’s spec and pricing, it kind of feels the Triobike Mono is on the pricey facet for what you get.

Triobike Mono review: Verdict

The Triobike Mono has a ton of capability and it’s a ton of a laugh for the children riding within the pill. But it’s no longer a fun bike to experience for the grownup doing the pedaling. 

The greatest problem to the Triobike Mono is the steerage. The learning curve this is super-steep and it’s very easy to oversteer and get one of the vital two front wheels off the bottom. On off-camber roads, guidance the Triobike Mono is usually a scary proposition.  

It turns out that the guidance is so unpredictable because you end up transferring the entire cargo field along side the handlebar. At speeds over 14 MPH, the guidance turns into noticeably harder to control. Our review of the Bunch Coupe revealed equivalent reservations with steerage, and both bikes require a learning curve to learn to steer safely and correctly. 

The best electric bikes in this category separate the guidance from the field itself; in different phrases, when the bike turns, the shipment box remains put. Not so at the Mono. Shifting all that weight turns out to give a contribution to the difficult guidance. 

The shipment field is the Mono’s perfect characteristic. It’s big, flexible, and appears pretty cool. I liked the use of the hood too, which made it easy to offer protection to the contents of the cargo field without feeling completely cut off from the interior of the field. I ceaselessly used the zippers to get entry to my digicam throughout the field. 

The Mono from Triobike turns out very best for parents who live in a city where high speeds aren’t going to be a factor. It’s additionally excellent in case you’re going to carry heavy a lot regularly — think big journeys to the grocery store. It’s easiest on flat paths and roads; as soon as the street is going down, the steerage will get tricky to regulate. But that’s a lot of caveats for something this dear.