What is USAA insurer code number?

NAIC #: 25968 800-531-8111
CPAF: 2232
DMV #: 356 593019540
USAA Casualty Insurance Provider 9800 Fredericksburg Roadway San Antonio, TX 78288

Where is NYS insurance coverage registration code?

Department of Motor Cars The 3 digit insurer code can be discovered on your mishap report.

Who is direct car insurance coverage owned by?

National General Holdings Corp.
The Direct Car Insurance coverage affiliates (Jointly “Direct Car Insurance Coverage”) are direct and indirect completely owned subsidiaries of National General Holdings Corp. National General Holdings Corp., headquartered in New york city City, is a specialized individual lines insurance coverage holding business.

Is direct an excellent vehicle insurer?

Monetary Strength– Outstanding: Direct Car insurance coverage has actually been offered a monetary score of “exceptional,” by A.M. finest, suggesting that the business’s financial resources are strong and they are well within their capability to pay claims.

Whats an NAIC number?

The NAIC number is a number that the National Association of Insurance coverage Commissioner’s (NAIC) appoints to each specific underwriting business. Below is a list of the NAIC numbers that are connected with our member business. For existing insurance policy holders, the NAIC number likewise appears on the ID cards as “Business Number”.

Where can I discover the Massachusetts insurance coverage codes?

MASSACHUSETTS INSURANCE COVERAGE CODES 359 GEICO Indemnity Business 361 GEICO Casualty Business 362 Farm Household Mutual 363 Pilgrim Insurance Provider 365 Fairfield Insurance Provider

What is the 5 digit insurance coverage code for tourists?

The business code is 10192 What is the 5 digit insurance coverage code for tourists? what is 5 digit code for car insurance coverage with tourists What is Geico’s 5 digit insurance coverage code number? GEICO insurer 5 digit code number What insurer has code 413? Insurance coverage code 413 is for progressive ins.

What is Progressive Insurance provider’s 3 digit code?

Insurance coverage code 413 is for progressive ins. What is the three-digit code number for Nationwide Insurance provider? The three-digit insurance coverage code for Nationwide Insurance provider is 149 What is the 5 digit car insurer code for Hartford in Florida?

How to recognize an insurer by its policy number?

The following table reveals the policy number formats and some example policy numbers for the significant insurance provider in the United States. Start with a series of 3 letters, and after that 9 digits. 11 digits amount to with a “PHZ” in the center and one area. String of numbers (and perhaps 2 letters). 10 digits.

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